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What it takes to conduct examinations

  1. Candidates Allocated to various centers

  2. Printing of Question Papers (In-house or Outsourced)

  3. Distribution of Question Papers to various centers

  4. Administration of exams at all centers

  5. Attendance Tracking

  6. Collection of Answer Sheets and sending it to QA cell

  7. Barcode Tagging of Answer Sheets

  8. Distribution of Answer Sheets to Examiners

  9. Marks Entry after the sheets are manually checked

  10. Double Marks Entry

  11. Re-evaluation

  12. Resolution of Mark Entry mistakes

  13. Calculation of Grades

  14. Publishing of Grades or Mark-Sheets

  15. Storage of Answer Sheets ( physical / scanned )


Top Challenges In Managing Examinations

Managing examinations at any scale involve a lot of challenges. This is even more concerning for examinations being help at college/university or national level.
See how the iPES solution helps institutes at several levels to address these challenges in a robust and efficient manner.